When you go into battle, you can choose from four different weapons, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. By default, you'll always have a Bulldog energy pistol and Helix Grenades. Every map also has powerful heavy weapons you can pick up, but you'd better be quick before the enemy grabs them!



The Marksman specializes in taking down single opponents from long range.


Featuring a balance of damage, range and speed, the Tridex fires three shots in a wide angle.


The Wildfire sprays so many shots so quickly it can overwhelm unsuspecting enemies.


When the short range Ballista scores a hit, it can devastate nearby opponents.



Every exosuit uses the Bulldog energy pistol as a backup sidearm because it never runs out of ammo.

Helix GrenadesEdit

All exosuits can throw Helix Grenades, compact spheres that explode in a burst of Helix energy



The Longshot can zoom in on enemies and deal heavy damage from a safe distance.

Helix CannonEdit

The Helix Cannon launches Helix Grenades with great range and accuracy

Rocket PodEdit

The Rocket Pod can sway the tide of battle with its massive explosions.

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