Samurai Jack is a playable exosuit of the Banzai Squadron on Project Exonaut. His weapon mod increases the firing rate and decreases the reloading time of the Bulldog, holding down the fire button while with the bulldog makes it fully automatic and reloads less than 0.5 secs. Samurai Jack is avaialble for purchase at level 40 for 5000 coins.

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Samurai Jack was an ancient Samurai of Japan, whose father (supposedly the emporor, although many instead call him the King) defeated the Dark God Aku. Aku somehow escaped his prison, the means of which are never exactly known, and takes a terrible revenge. Jack's mother saves him, and Jack goes across the world, learning various skills, mostly to do with combat. After years pass, he gains a magic sword and then as an adult faces Aku, who sends him into the future, where he assumes he'll have gsthered enough power to destroy the Samurai. Jack arrives in the future, searching for a way to return to his own time and destroy Aku.

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