In The ShowEdit

In the Powerpuff Girls, there are three girls. Blossom, the pink/red girl, is the most intelegent of the group, and their self-proclaimed leader. He unique power among the girls is to freeze things with her breath. Blossom is usally the most determined and level-headed of the group, often coming up with plans to fight their enemies. Bubbles, the blue girl is the nicest and most feminenin of the group, with the ability to release supersonic waves from her mouth and (Although this may not be a power) can speak almost any language. Buttercup, the green girl, is the Tomboy of the group, often ignoring Blossom's plans and instead just fighting. She has no unique power whatsoever, excluding being able to curl her tongue, although she doesn't seem to resent this.


The PPG Suit doesn't have much armor, so airdash and roll to avoid fire and get close to another player, then release a devastating burst from your ballista. The suit's weapon mod helps with quickly finishing off the opposing player that is vexing you. If you have a heavy weapon, try to stay away from the other players, and attempt to use a Rocket Pod or Longshot to hit them. If you have a Helix grenade launcher, also try to keep your distance, and as always, use your environment to hide from shots and grenades.

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