Team: Banzai Squardon
Coins 750

Marceline is a playable Exosuit of the Banzai Squadron on Project Exonaut. Her Weapon Mod increases the accuracy and firing rate of the Wildfire. The Marceline Exosuit is available for purhase at level 10 for 750 coins. Also, she is unlocked on the Halloween Slam event and the Holiday Bash event. == Marceline is the Queen of Vampires in the Land of Ooo, the future of Earth after the Mushroom War, mushroom referring to nuclear clouds. She has a deep love for music, so plays her bass and sings quite often. She was born a half demon half human, later also became a vampire. The Vampire Queen at first was somewhat of an antagonist, fighting both Finn and Jake with ease. Marceline later established a close friendship with Finn and Jake. She's also friends with Princess Bubblegum.She met the Ice King when she was a child and later became friends

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